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In school, day starts with assembly during which children recite Gayatri Mantras and Vedic Prayers. The main feature of the Assembly is “THOUGHT FOR THE DAY”. One thought related to values and habits like optimism, determination, diligence, compassion, enterprise, environmental issues etc is taken up and discussed. In Junior Section, teachers explain these thoughts to the students by relating them to their day to day activities and make them understand it deeply through enactments and telling stories. In Senior Section, children also have lively discussions on the thought and they share their views, personal experiences and perform skits to explain the thought. In class rooms also various activities are conducted. These activities are conducted to help the habit formation of students and these habits eventually become their life long values.

Students also bring information about the latest happenings of the world in the form of news in the morning assembly. This encourages the habit of newspaper reading and also create awareness in the students.The assembly is concluded with the National Pledge and the National Anthem.

Alongwith this regular hawans are conducted for the students during which Ved -Mantras are explained to them linking them with the modern day issues and problems. Teachers also perform Hawan on every Second Saturday. Traditional Practices like Meditation, Pranayam form a part of our Value Education Programme. Teachers and students of our school also attend “Vedic Chetna Shivirs” organized by Arya Pradeshik Pratinidhi UpSabha Himachal Pradesh and learn the values of our Vedic Heritage.